Apply for a Gift

It's really quite simple to apply. You tell us who you are, whether you're interested in an instrument, lessons, or both, and why you need some help.

Every situation is different, just tell us your story, and try to include the following pieces of information:

  • Name
  • Type of Recipient (Individual or Institution)
  • Name of Recipient
  • Type of Gift (Kind of Instrument/Lessons)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Brief Explanation of the Situation (Why does this recipient need assistance?)
  • Contact Information for a Few References Familiar with the Situation

If you wish to apply for a gift, Contact Us today with the details.

Nominate a Recipient

Sometimes people in need aren't able to ask for help directly. We get it. Feel free to send us some info about a family or institution that could use our help and we'll look into it. Tell us who they are and why they need some some assistance.

Not everything we do is for those in need. We also do special gifts for people who show a real deep passion for music. They are the type who eat, drink, and breathe music. They only take breaks from practicing to sleep to they can dream about music. Our general funds don't get used for this purpose, but when we are made aware of an exceptional young musician, we try to find a donor to provide an exceptional gift. If you know an especially driven young musician, tell us the story.

To nominate a recipient, Contact Us and we'll see what we can do.