The Mission

Our focus is the distribution of purchased or donated musical instruments to children who do not have access to them. Sometimes this is a direct donation, while other times we will give the instrument to a music teacher or school who can provide it to a child.

Another important part of what we do is providing music lessons to those who are not able to pay for them. We help provide the necessary practice materials, and arrange for a qualified teacher. The music teachers may volunteer, offer discounted rates, or receive tuition from the music mission in the form of a scholarship.

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Thrivent Choice

Thrivent Choice DollarsĀ® directions can help The Music Mission. Are you a member of Thrivent Financial who’s eligible to direct Choice DollarsĀ®?

Choice Dollars charitable grant funds can make a world of difference to our organization as we work together to make the gift of music available to children in need. By directing Choice Dollars, e

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Recent Posts

New Website

We’ve created a new website that will allow us to better serve the community. We’ve added more resources, some online forms, and reorganized everything so the information you’re looking for is easier to find.

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New Leadership

The organization has been transferred to new leadership. We’re figuring out how to best provide a helpful service to the community. More news to follow.

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